About Us

Post Acute Care, LLC was formed in 2010 by Wayne Sheppard and Martin Almquist.  Together they bring more than 80 years of experience to the healthcare industry.  The vision of Post Acute Care (PAC) is to provide respiratory equipment and supplies to airway patients in sub-acute facilities across the country through a combination of value and exceptional customer service.

  • Design – PAC has extensive knowledge in planning, layout and design of sub-acute facilities and can assist in development to accommodate individual state requirements.
  • Distribution – PAC currently manages more than 90 sub-acute facilities in 17 states.  PAC has the ability to manage your supply chain and equipment needs through our distribution network with next-day delivery available.  Because we provide solutions for both equipment and supplies, this reduces the need for multiple respiratory vendors.
    • Formulary management and standardization provides average cost savings of 8-12%
  • Training – PAC provides training for your RT’s as well as nursing staff.  The curriculum can be customized based on the staff needs and places emphasis on moving from custodial monitoring to outcome based performance which can increase weaning and de-cannulaization rates.
  • Rentals – PAC provides rentals for its equipment.
    • Eliminates the out-of-pocket cost of purchase
    • PPD billing method reduces cost by billing only for those days equipment is on patients
    • Back-up equipment provided at no cost to facility
    • PAC performs all regularly scheduled PM and maintains all service records for the equipment.  (Cost of maintenance on a ventilator can equate to more than 70% of the purchase price)
    • Variations of ventilators are available based on customer need and preference
    • Secondary monitoring systems for SPO2 and C02 are also available




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